ERG Insight™

ERG Insight™ is a comprehensive cloud application for accelerating and managing teams, including ERGs, BRGs, and Employee Networks.  This robust platform addresses the needs of employees and ERG administrators, leaders, and members.

Increase employee engagement with ERGs, BRGs, and Employee Networks

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard overview provides insight into several key aspects of the ERG data collection in one place. Customization allows for a personal dashboard with a choice of eight widgets displaying this information.

Employee Portal
Employee Access

All employees will learn about the available ERGs, their leadership, their initiatives and events. Join as a member or maybe as an ally for communications purposes.

All employees will have access to the global calendar of events and activities.

Member Management
Member Management

Maintain up-to-date membership rosters and leverage membership profiles to build participation and engagement.

MemMgmt & Communication
Member Communication

Customizable mail templates create an efficient way to send emails to members within different ERG’s. Filters also make finding specific groups and templates easier.

Calendar & Event Management

The group calendar allows leaders to share items for all group members to view. The global calendar displays events for all company ERG’s.

Annual Palanning
Annual Planning

ERG Insight™ provides a process for leaders to develop annual plans and budgets. Integrated approval processes provide alignment and shared expectations.

Scorecards & Reporting
Scorecards & Reporting

Allows leaders to generate reports based on common metrics allowing stakeholders to understand the organizational impact of the ERG program.

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