Strategy Lighthouse™

Strategy Lighthouse™ is a cloud technology solution that takes strategy off the shelf and operationalizes it so that alignment, performance, and results are evident.


Build, Refine, Measure, Track, Aggregate and Report on DEI Strategy


DEI Strategy Structure

Develop the DEI Strategy around leading strategy structures with built in timelines and assigned accountabilities.


Review an aggregated performance index score for each strategic pillar. Goals support the strategic pillar are assessed each year to calculate a trend towards long-term goal achievement. metrics and action plans are assessed quarterly.

Quarterly Charts
Quarterly Snapshots

• Cascade Enterprise Goals
• Develop Business Unit DEI Strategies
• Aggregate Metric Performance
• Generate Business Unit Scorecards

Annual Planning
Annual Planning

• Aligns with the most common planning processes
• Captures budget detail at the action plan level
• Aggregates plan costs
• Metrics
• Action Plans

Standard Reports

An array of standard reports are available and can be filtered by:
• Business Unit
• Performance Period
• Pillar

Scorecards & Reports

• KPI Performance
• Quarterly metrics and action plans performance
• Generation of Performance Index Scores™
• Long-term goal performance trends
• Calculated priority reports
• Summary of plan costs

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